Olive Processing

In ILIDA the works begin with the process of selecting the olives from the best olive groves of Greek countryside. Over the last years, the company co-operates permanently with professional olive growers and agronomists for the best result as far as the quality of the raw material is concerned.

The fruit is received at the facilities of the company in Kainourgio, Agrinio, where the final quality control of the raw material is conducted. After the final quality control, if the raw material meets the standards and the requirements of the company, we proceed to purchasing it. We always select high quality raw material in order to have an excellent final product. The first stage after the purchase is the process of washing and cleaning the raw material to remove any foreign bodies (leaves, stems etc). Then, the olives are stored in large tanks suitable for food, where the process of fermentation starts. In the beginning, we check daily the course of the fermentation and when needed we proceed to the necessary corrective actions. The quality controls continue until the fermentation is complete and the product is ready.

In the next stage, the olives are taken out of the tanks and moved to the size selector so as to be classified accurately based on size. Right after the size selector process, the final quality selection takes place whereby olives that had some flaw during the fermentation are removed. After the quality selection the olives are ready to be packed in practical and very attractive packaging that ensures the quality of the olive up to the moment it will be consumed. Moreover, depending on the demand, we can proceed to further processing such as pitting, slicing or olive paste.

All these works are conducted using ultramodern machinery that guarantees the sanitation and the cleanliness of both the olive and the environment.

By combining tradition with modern technology, ILIDA ensures always the purity of the fruit, which is always fresh, keeping its natural flavor, its chemical composition and all its nutrients.

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